Nikolaos Stavrakakis, the Executive Chef, from Mandraki Village Boutique Hotel exploits the twelve year experience in gastronomy field and his Cretan decent, to create dishes with clear Greek sign, characterized by delicious depth and balance. Succeeds, that way, to distract for Elia’s Restaurant, from the institution of Golden bonnets, the prize Greek Cuisine 2016, made it a unique in Sporades.

For the second consecutive year, at Elia's Restaurant, redefines Greek flavors with imagination, and it does it for even a summer, destination for gourmet guests of a Secular Island.

Emphasizing the fine Greek products, with excellent credentials thanks to his passage of large European restaurants such as «Noma» in Copenhagen, presents a Creative Greek cuisine with Cretan references, thus putting the Elia's Restaurant, to the gastronomic map of Greece.

His philosophy, "I cook what I dream and I dream what I cook", could not be closer to our own.

We look forward to take you to a journey of flavors...