Mandraki Village, a delightful boutique hotel in Skiathos, proudly presents the fully renovated Elia’s Restaurant. A magnificent hotel restaurant in Skiathos, Elia’s Restaurant promises to introduce you to the tasty secrets of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Enjoy a well-deserved dinner at Elia’s Restaurant and taste authentic Greek savors presented in the most creative way. With many options available on the dinner menu, guests will surely indulge in new, exciting tastes.

Elia’s Restaurant, the best restaurant in Koukounaries and one of the finest hotel restaurants in Skiathos, invites you to a unique palatal experience.

Privet Catering of Skiathos

Privet Catering of Skiathos team curates delicious menus for dinner, lunch or breakfast suitable for any occasion. Enjoy catering menus that compose a feast of colors, aromas and flavors, at Mandraki Village in Koukounaries.

Exquisite pool bar in Koukounaries

The epitome of elegance, White Bar is the pool bar at Mandraki Village in Koukounaries. Enjoy the island chic decoration of the pool bar and have a delicious breakfast by the pool.

Other than breakfast, we serve small meals and light snacks at the pool bar during the day, or you can also enjoy your favorite summer drinks and cocktails.

Greek Breakfast

Mandraki Village Boutique Hotel