The green story of Mandraki Village began in 2007 with the total renovation of the hotel and the gentle integration into wider ecological park of Koukounaries. 

We have managed to bring out architectural elements of Skiathos by selecting local materials, have successfully installed energy systems for reducing power consumption, rationally handled our needs for water and ensured that our wastewater is safely and efficiently transported to existing municipal treatment plant. 

Staying fully committed to the promotion and environmental protection of our region we achieved in 2011 the inclusion of Mandraki Village in the EU Co-financed 'Green Tourism' Program with measurable objectives for energy savings, water and waste reduction. 

To this end we have managed to cover more than 70% of our annual needs for hot water from solar panels and heat pumps and also provide natural cooling of buildings by shadings and low consumption fan systems. Furthermore, we replaced standard bulbs and air conditioning units with new of high energy class, proceeding simultaneously in upgrading our buildings with ecological colors. 

We have been certified in 2013 for our active participation in recycling programs and have drastically reduced the disposable packaging in our breakfast. We have also minimized the use of plastic bottles and through a water purification process we offer daily drinking water in reusable glass bottles. By raising the awareness of our customers with printed and electronic media we enhance their everyday involvement in our green practices, such as the towel reuse program. 

In our daily operation we implement an environmental management system following the principles of the strict environmental standard ISO14001 and obtaining the corresponding certification for 2014. For this purpose, we monthly monitor our environmental indicators and train our staff regularly as part of our ongoing effort to improve our performance. 

We are constantly seeking the collaboration with local community in order to achieve wider environmental objectives while we are committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation having all the necessary resources.

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